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"Susan has been a Guardian Angel for us at Divine Redeemer School!  In 2009, when I  
became principal, we were facing some financial difficulties because of low enrollment.  
We were also facing the difficult transition to accrual from the cash-based accounting we
had used for over 50 years.  

We literally "threw our hands in the air" in frustration since our business manager had no
background in accounting other than high school bookkeeping, and we had no extra funds
built into our budget for an outside accountant do the work.  My business manager had
been using Quick Books and looked online for an accrual version.  When she found it, I
told her to order it and we would see what we could do between the two of us.  The
internet not only provided us with an accrual version of Quick books, but also our "angel!"  
When we found Susan and talked with her a few times, we knew our prayers had been
answered.  She has been so helpful and accommodating!  Any time we have a question,
she is there for us.. .just a phone call or email away.  She has worked with us on speaker
phone, through email, and in person, making the trip to visit us at the school.  She is truly
part of our school family, and I don't know what we would have done without her help.  We
are back on our feet again. .We have turned the ship around, and we couldn't have shown
our Trust Administrators our "books" accurately without Susan's expert assistance.  God
Bless You, Susan!"

Divine Redeemer School


"Susan had a good understanding of what I needed to and a schedule to get it done. After I
completed my homework, she came back to review and help me with a few loose ends."

Mel S.
Battery Outlet Plus


"Susan prepares our month end financial statement. She has set up more than one
company for us in QuickBooks. She also aids us with technical support for
QuickBooks."Our overall rating for Susan is EXCELLENT (*****)!!! She is extremely
efficient in all aspects of QuickBooks and accounting. She promptly addresses any
problems that our company may have with our accounting issues or taxes. She is such a
pleasure to work with and we look forward to seeing her each month!!!"

Charlene M.
Zytnick Realty


"I've never felt so organized. Learning how to track all of my sales and expenses the right
way, with just a small amount of customization was exactly what I needed.
Thanks so much!"

Mike S.
Precision Auto Service


"5 Stars - Excellent for all Criteria! Susan Ansell is outstanding in overall skills and
knowledge of QuickBooks. She is responsive, with a high level of expertise in all areas of
QuickBooks. I highly recommend her!"

Gina Z
Lodovico & Associates


"Susan is very knowledgeable in QuickBooks not matter what version you are working
with. In my experience working with other support tech's you can tell how well they know
their programs if they can walk you through any problem screen by screen without being in
front of a computer. Susan can do this. She is very dependable and I would highly
recommend her.



"Great Service with setup and ongoing support. Very knowledgeable and helpful!"

My QuickBooks Accountant

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